Landscape - Seascape - Cityscape - 98

The Landscape - Cityscape - Seascape competition starts here, upload your best landscape, seascape or cityscape images and win a place in the World-Landscape 'Gallery'.
Photo Sanjiban Ghosh

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About us

We are a growing group of photographers who joined creative forces to realise photography projects for charity organisations.
We make photobooks, ebooks, organise exhibitions, run weekly competitions, blog and share our works and experiences.

How to join?

Just register here on this page and you will be forwarded to our community upload. After you upload your photo you have to choose the right competition and save your photo. That's it. Of course other people love it if you look at their work too and you can also vote for other peoples work. If you upload more then 1 photo people can also vote for the best of your uploads.

The prizes

  • Two Curator Choice Awards

    Each competition has 2 curators and both curators choice the best photo out of each competition

  • Public Viewers Award

    The photo with the highest votes from all members gets the public viewers award

  • Gallery Award

    1 or more photos will get a gallery award, these photos will appear in The Gallery and will be on the first page of the website

  • Get published in our photobooks

    Photos joining the street competitions (and soon the landscape competitions too) also participate for a place in our NEXT street photography photo book. Photos which want to join one of our photo books have to be uploaded in higres without and borders or watermark

Discover our charities

Look at this video about the Ashalayam organisation. We suport the Ashalayam organisations with the World Street Photography photo book.


The theme of this photographic competition is "Landscape - Cityscape - Seascape" chose this theme in the drop down menu when you upload your images.

1. All images uploaded must have been taken by the up loader.
2. The person with the highest public vote will the 'viewers choice award'.
3. The 'Gallery' curators will choose a single image which will take it's deserved place in the 'Gallery'.
5. All normal rules for photography count etc etc
6. Two 'curators' will choose their best images.
7. You can enter up to 5 images. This comp is not 100% anonymous, comments and votes will be visible as they are made.
8. If at any time we decide that the competition is not suitable due to lack of entries or quality of images we have the right to cancel it without notice (very unlikely !!).
9. The 'Special' mention images will be chosen by the curators and the team.
10. In the event of a draw for the 'Viewers choice' award, both images will be chosen.
11. One photo will be selected as new promotional icon photo for next weeks competition and some weeks this photo gets also uploaded 1024/1280 res version will be uploaded to the Kujaja facebook/google plus page.
12. Its important that you vote and comment on other images entered into this competition.
13. Photos uploaded in High res are participating to be nominated for the landscape photo book.

What else do we do?

We make photo books together and sell them with a little profit. This profit gets donated to 100% to charity small organisations we know. Like you can see here we also organise photography competitions.

Check out our photo book store

Do you want to see which books we have made already? Check out our photo book store

Our awesome Photo Books

All photo books are made together with members of our community
Sanjiban Ghosh, United Arab Emirates

  • World Street Photography 2013-2014

    World Street Photography

    Our first real print and our biggest succes. Get fascinated by the photos of this book.

  • One minute on Earth 2014

    One minute on earth 2014

    Our thrid real print, the book will be out at the end of november 2014

  • The Forest

    The Forest

    Our second and very limited print of forest all around the world

  • Water


    Our first photobook made which is called "water" and is about water in the world.

  • Night on earth

    Night on Earth

    A photo book about the night all around the globe.

  • Flowers


    The most beautifull flowers in the world packed into a brilliant big photobook.

Frequently asked questions

If you have any question or suggestions of improvement for our websites please email us at

Do you make profit out of me or my photos

No we don't. The only profit we make gets donated, mostley even directly to the charity organisations. Server costs etc are being paid with donations of all members.

How to join the competitions

Regsiter (or login) and click on the upload button at the right top and upload your photo. Make sure you choose the right competition/project/photo book along with every photo you upload.

Who won the competition?

We send out a newsletter after each competition so you all know who won. We also write a congratulations text at each winning photo (except for the special mentions) and mostly publish the results at facebook or google plus.

I have a book idea or suggestion

Just write us an email at and we think about it.

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Here you see the past competitions, if you want to see all past competitions click here

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The latest curator choices

Here you see the latest choices of our curators, click on the image to see it bigger.

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paolo iommelli, Italy
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